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Rudolph is one of Veck Simms's henchmen and the tertiary antagonist in the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

He was portrayed by Mike Valley.




He is arguably one of Veck's more violent henchmen. He seems to always jump to one conclusion...kill the hostages. Rudolph chased after Blart with a Glock 17 and a stun baton throughout the mall until they came to the rooftop. He then directly threatens to kill Amy. Blart was able to comically copy Rudolph's jump across the roof top on his Segway PT and tackled him through a skylight. They then fell into the ball pit and Blart then angrily, but incorrectly headbutted Rudolph, restrained him, and recorded the code from his arm. He was presumably arrested by the SWAT team along with the rest of the henchman and was never seen again.

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