Rudolf Von Sturmgeist is the main antagonist in Medal of Honor: Frontline. Sturmgeist is a German Baron in the SS. He was appointed after the July 20th bomb plot against Hitler to oversee the U-Boat base at Lorient, France.

In August his facility was destroyed by OSS agent Jimmy Patterson. Sturmgeist however also commanded the experimental Horten Ho IX flying wing project at the Gotha air base in Germany. In September he left on inspection to the base on his armored train from Emmerich. Patterson slipped on board, and fought toward Sturmgeist's personal car. Sturmgeist left his two guards to fight off the agent, while he uncoupled the engine from the rest of the train. Patterson continued to track the Baron to Gotha, destroying test equipment, and photographing blueprints. Finally as Allied bombers zeroed in on the base. Patterson and Sturmgeist faced off. Sturmgeist was killed by Patterson, who escaped in the Experimental Ho IX.

Medal of Honor Frontline Stealing the Show (Last Mission!)

Medal of Honor Frontline Stealing the Show (Last Mission!)

The final battle with Sturmgeist