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I'm a good mother, I just got.... distracted.
~ Rudi Wilson
Rudi Wilson is the mother of two children (Apple Wilson and Dick Wilson) and the main character of the animated sitcom "Mother Up!"

Villainous Acts Edit

  • In the pilot episode it was revealed that she and her client, 2bit the rapper, sadistically hunted children (with tranq guns) in a "The Most Dangerous Game"-like manner. This scandal is why she moved to the Canadian suburbs.
  • In "Shoe I Am" Dick gave away her beloved shoes to the homeless in a charity drive, but she tracked them all down and took them back. While she did this, she was too lazy and cheap to hire a real babysitter, so she propped a witch scarecorw in front of Dick's door to keep Apple and Dick from leaving their room.
  • In the aforementioned episode, she stole her rival Jenny's shoes and had a homeless person with a shoe fetish give them herpes.
  • In "Double D Moms" she treats her friend/neighbor Sarah like a slave, having her do Rudi's housework, and watch after her kids.
  • In that same episode she was seen driving drunk twice.
  • In "The Comforting Hum of a Mother's Love" she manipulpâtés her friend/neighbor Greg into helping her steal a vending machine from the school lobby.
  • In "Everybody Sees 2bit's Wang" she donates blood to the blood bank for money when her credit card is declined, but the clerk tells her that her blood is defective and kills the people they give it to, but she doesn't care, disguises herself, and continues doing this.
  • In the aforementioned episode, she uses expiremental, bio-engineering drugs for extra cash, a sode affect of which is temporary blindness, but she recklessly drives anyways.
  • One of her more villainous roles was in "Apple Gets The Pirate Disease" where her negligence was pronounced when it was revealed she doesn't always feed Dick and Apple, which causes the latter to develop scurvy from malnutrition.
  • In the aforementioned episode, she disregards health concerns for her daughter when she gives her steroids to one-up a rival mother and wins all the school awards. In this episode, she also unnecessarily tasered the school nurse.
  • In "Say Hello To My Landscaper Friend" she stated that while learning how to drive she intentionally hit someone.
  • In "Overnight Suprise" she left a mentally unstable nanny from Craigslist in charge of her kids which resulted in their kidnapping.
  • In "Apple's Story" she discovers that Apple has written an amazing play and decides to take advantage of it by turning it into her project, completely disregarding Apple's feelings.