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Rude Elf

Rude Elf

Rude Elf
was a Santa Claus-like monster that the Dino Rangers fought in Conner's dreams in the episode "In Your Dreams". Elsa creates a machine that affects the rangers dreams so that if a monster destroys them in their dreams, they will not wake up.

After Tommy, Kira and Ethan fight off the monsters in their dreams, Conner is left sleeping who also cannot stop thinking about Christmas shopping with his mom. Elsa then sets the machine on him and he dreams of Rude Elf, a grotesque Santa with bells on his hands and having snow-like powers. Conner's dream opens up with him and the other rangers chasing after him on their Raptor riders. He then summons the Triptoids and engages in battle and proves to be very powerful.

The other rangers realize Conner's in trouble and they try to connect to him in his dream through their power gems. This works as Conner becomes stronger and Rude Elf weaker. Conner then transforms into the Triassic Ranger and destroys Rude Elf in a winter wonderland dimension. Rude Elf survives and grows to larger size. The rangers summon the Mezodon Megazord but Rude Elf proves too powerful again and traps them in his holiday sack. Tommy then enters the dream and frees them from Rude Elf's sack with his Brachio Staff. They then summon the auxillary zords to combine with the Triassic zord to form the Triceramax Megazord and with a whirlwind laser blast, Rude Elf is destroyed and the Rangers all survive their dreams, foiling Elsa's plan.


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