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Where the (bleep) are we?
~ Rude Dexter when he and Rude Dee Dee emerged from the Rude Removal machine

Rude Dexter is the evil doppleganger of Dexter in the banned Dexter's Laboratory episode, "Rude Removal". He along with Rude Dee Dee swear a lot when they talk.

Rude Dexter along with Rude Dee Dee were accidentally created when the real Dexter and Dee Dee were arguing about who was rude inside the machine and activated. When Dexter and Dee Dee introduced themselves, the Rude counterparts swore at them. When Mom called them up for lunch, Rude Dexter and Rude Dee Dee went to the kitchen instead of the good Dexter and Dee Dee. During lunch, they swore at Mom, and she fainted. Rude Dexter tries to get dessert from the fridge, Mom stops him and demands him that he can't have dessert, but Rude Dexter swore at her again. Then he and Rude Dee Dee started to have a food fight, which enraged Mom, and demanded them to clean up the mess and go to their rooms "forever". Rude Dexter and Rude Dee Dee walked away from the kitchen and ordered the good Dexter and Dee Dee to see their mom to clean up the
Dexter's Lab Dexter's Rude Removal07:23

Dexter's Lab Dexter's Rude Removal

mess. Then Mom goes away to get a bar of soap to clean out their mouths and demands to see the kitchen spotless. Rude Dexter and Rude Dee Dee start to destroy things in Dexter's laboratory, which Dexter and Dee Dee stop them by sending them back to the Rude Removal machine, then they disappeared completely.


  • "Aaahh, (bleep) off!"
  • "Yeah here's your (bleep) apology!"
  • "Lunch Time? I'm (bleep) starving!"
  • "I think it tastes like (bleep)!"
  • "Got to find some (bleep) food!"
  • "Oh Baby! come to papa!"
  • "Why you want the hold of yourself?"
  • "Hey (bleep) watch where you're throwing that (bleep)!"
  • "Food Fight!!"
  • "Hahahahaha!"
  • "I make my own (bleep) rules!"
  • "Hey look it's Dorkster and Dum Dum!"
  • "Say nancy pants, you're mom wants yea!"
  • "Yeah! we're going to (bleep) up your lab!
  • "You're too stupid to use it, you moron!"
  • "Yeah!"- Last Words

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