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Ruby is the main villainess from Ash vs Evil Dead. Although "Ruby Knowby" is not her true name for it was merely a human disguise of this creature who in reality is one of the demonic extradimensiona beings known only as the Dark Ones and she is the true creator and author of the accursed spellbook known as the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

She is portrayed by Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess fame.



Ruby was once an overambitious member of the Dark Ones, a race of master demons who wreaked various havoc upon the human world through pestilence, wars, and many other diabolical activities. But Ruby, the most sinister member of Dark Ones, betrayed them and cast them off from the human world. Not long after her treachery, her book Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, was stolen by the Knights of Sumeria, an ancient anti-Deadige sect dedicated to protect humanity only to have a traitor knight named Kaya to steal the evil book from the sect for her own gains. Kaya, however, was destroyed by the Necronomicon and her soul trapped within the evil book.

After millennia of inactivity, Ruby, under a human guise, resurfaced on Earth.

Taking an alias of Ruby Knowby and disguising as the alleged other daughter of Professor Raymond Knowby from Evil Dead 2. She has been searching for Ash Williams to take Necronomicon from him.

Season 1

Ruby briefly appeared in the series premiere "El Jefe", encountering detective Amanda Fisher after witnessing the demonic possession of her partner and having to kill him.

In "Brujo" Ruby saved Amanda from the demonically possessed Lionel, and then convinced Amanda that Ash was to blame for everything that has happened. She also convinced Amanda to help her hunt Ash down, and in the following episode "The Host", she revealed herself to be in possession of Ash's severed, possessed hand (which Ash cut off in Evil Dead 2), and was using it to track him down. They both arrive just a hair too late at the Brujo's ranch in "The Killer of Killers", which later saw Ruby engaged in a fight with the Brujo's charred skeleton, who tells Ruby that she will never have possession of the Necromicon. They both fell in the exploding pyre, but Ruby emerged unscathed in the following episode "Fire in the Hole".

Ruby finally finds Ash in the season's penultimate episode "Bound in Flesh", and confronts him by stating that she had been "cleaning up his mess." She shoots down Ash's plan to bury the Necromicon, stating that the book had to be destroyed. Back in the cabin where it all started, Ash defaces the cover of the book, and gives it to Ruby. However, Ruby opens the book and reads an incantation that will unleash all of the evil in the world, which included the face of the book attacking itself to Pablo's face. At that moment, Ruby reveals herself as the actual writer of the Necromicon, also revealing herself as a Dark One.

In the season finale "The Dark One", the evil Ruby attempts to convince Ash to give up his battle against evil, stating that she only wants to release all of the evil just to keep it under control. In return, she will give Ash what he's always wanted, a normal life and a peaceful retirement in Jacksonville. After Ash refuses, Ruby roars at him, flashing a pair of demonic black eyes while doing so, and Ash is transferred out of his fantasy scene in his trailer, and back in the real world in the cellar of the cabin. Ruby and Ash fight once again, with Ash set to kill Ruby with the Kandarian dagger, which was used to deface the book. At that moment, Ruby makes the same deal she made before, and this time, Ash accepts, to the dismay of Pablo (now free from Ruby's control) and Kelly. However, while Ash, Pablo, and Kelly are driving away, a sinkhole is formed; an indication that Ruby hasn't been true to her word.

Season 2

While it appears that Ruby seemingly betrayed Ash and co. the situation revealed to be more chaotic than it seemed: She now loses control over Kandarian Demon and other lesser demon that she tried to summon Ash, but this inadvertently give away Ash's location to a pack of Deadites. There are two Rubys in season 2. One is on & off Ruby of the present who allies with Ash's group in her attempt to stop demon Baal and reclaim her control of Necronomicon, the other is Ruby of the past: pitiless, power-hungry and traitorous. At the season finale, Ruby of the present/the good Ruby sacrifices herself to stop Baal, but the Ruby of the past, her other evil self, still lives.

Season 3

Ruby (of the past) returns as an antagonist: once again in possession of the Necronomicon, she uses it along with her own supernatural power involving her own blood to produce her own demonic (and carnivorous) offspring. Also Ruby disguises as a counselor named Rebecca Prevett for troubled teens to get to Brandy Barr, Ash William's long-lost daughter, in an attempt to have her turn against her father. Realizing that Brandy Barr is the child of Ash William, aka The Prophesied One, Ruby intends to ultimately kill Williams father and daughter and make her own demon child as the new Prophesied One. Ruby makes her move by commanding Deadites to destroy any possible offsprings Ash Williams may leave behind: She has her Deadites raid on a sperm bank where Ash had been frequented to destroy all Ash's sperms, depriving Ash of any more offsprings to continue on his legacy as Prophesied One.

To be continued...