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Adam Evans is a musician who became Rubberband Man after the Big Bang and a villain in Static Shock.


When he got powers because of the incident, he tried to get revenge on a music producer who stole his song. This was stopped by Static and he was sent to prison. He escaped prison and later took up the name Stringer. He had the best time in his life but Static managed to blow his cover. Rubberband Man tried to uncover Static's identity in retaliation but was confronted by bounty hunters Puff and Onyx. With the help of Static, Adam defeated the bounty hunters and turned himself in.

Adam was released on good behavior and turned over a new leaf. He helped Static defeat the Meta-Breed which caught his brother Ebon's attention. He asked Rubberband Man to join him but he refused. Ebon freed his partners from prison and framed Rubberband for it. Static uncovered the ruse and Adam helped him fight the Meta-Breed. Adam and Static later became allies after that.

Powers and Abilities

Rubberband Man had the ability to stretch and shapeshift. He can also change his colors and is immune to Static's powers. Outside of his superpowers, Adam is a gifted musician but has dyslexia, a reading disorder.

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