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The world will rally behind us as we expose the Rock Cocks for the gimmick they are! Sterling's reputation will be ruined while I make millions! Yes...yes, this is good... this is so good... after twenty-five long years, you're finally going to pay for what you did to me... aah! This is no time for teasing! I have to make some phone calls!
~ Roxanne Richards
Roxanne Richards is music executive of Maleficent Records, arch-rival of Seth Sterling and main antagonist of webcomic The Rock Cocks.


Roxanne is a Caucasian-American woman in her mid-to-late thirties. She has a shapely and fit form, with blue eyes and a beauty mark under her right eye. She has long blonde hair that she usually keeps wrapped and braided, making it look shorter than it really is.


Given their history, Roxanne has a personal vendetta against Seth, going to great lengths to either take whatever opportunity she has before he does, as well as undermine whatever successes he accomplishes. This is seen when she planned to create a "wholesome" band to appeal to the more prudish populous, creating an opposing force against Seth and the Rock Cocks, signing the Rocket Rollers up to be this band.

She also vain and has a habit of letting her emotions get away from her. When she is getting a massage, she overhears her TV announce Seth's new band. Enraged by this, she cancels her massage mid-session, not only telling him that he should be paying her for the privilege when he asked for his pay, but that if he did not leave she would call security to throw him out.