Rowan Pope

Rowan Pope is the father of Olivia Pope and the main antagonist of the political drama show, Scandal.

The Command of B-613, Rowan is heavily connected to the White House and his agency kills people who have "disgrace America" but doesn't like President Fitz as he believes that he'll leave the show's protagonist, Olivia Pope.

He is a former ally and current archenemy of Olivia Pope and Associates and is currently an enemy to the White House and a personal enemy to his estranged daughter, Olivia.

Even though Olivia's mom, Maya Lewis was the main antagonist of the second half of the third season, Rowan takes over that role as he crosses the Moral Event Horizon by ordering President Fitz' son to be assassinated and went so far as to kill Harrison Wright and frame Jake Ballard in order to cover it up.

The White House and OPA are currently in a battle with Rowan as they are trying to take him down but he is two steps ahead of them.