Rough and Tumble are a pair of skunk brothers and mercenaries that serve antagonistic roles in the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Late into the war between the Resistance and Eggman Empire, a village in charge of Wispon distribution came under attack by Badniks. Rough and Tumble soon came to the towns aid and ferociously cleared away the invaders, saving the village. The pair then claimed they wanted to improve the towns' defences, so were given access to all the Wispons the grateful villagers had to offer, but they instead used the weapons to enslave the townsfolk. The villagers had no choice but to comply to the pair's demands as they had nothing to fight back with, and it remained that way until a month later when Sonic and Knuckles went to investigate.

The heroes soon learned of the towns predicament before confronting Rough and Tumble inside a warehouse. The villainous duo put up a bit of a fight, but after Rough was hammered through the floor by Knuckles, the mercs prepared to use the Wispons against their foes. Thinking quick, Sonic rallied the Wisps that powered the weapons and turned the tables on the mercs, who were unable to use the Wispons without the aliens assistance, before knocking them both out. Rough and Tumble were arrested for their crimes but swore they would break free and get their revenge.

During a battle for control of Angel Island, Rough and Tumble somehow escaped their imprisonment and kidnapped the amnesiac Dr. Eggman on behalf of a mysterious client.


Rough is the short, teal-colored skunk while Tumble is the tall, cream-colored one. Although they’ve been described as bullies, using threats to intimidate people and boss them around, the brothers are willing to stoop towards more villainous acts if pushed far enough or to their achieve their goals. Rough and Tumble also seem quite arrogant due to their strength and like to showboat using a routine they’ve come up with.

Powers and Abilities

Rough and Tumble are both strong capable fighters and can hold their own against the might of Sonic and Knuckles. Rough can also perform a technique called “Stink Bomber” in which he produces a fowl smelling odor while using a Spin Dash.


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