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Rouge fleetway
 Rouge the Bat is a villain in Sonic the Comic: Online. Unlike her SEGA, Archie, and Sonic X versions, this character is much more nefarious with no redeeming qualities to speak of, and the scope of her evil is a bit greater. These are traits she shares with the Sonic the Comic: Online version of Shadow the Hedgehog, the Babylon Rogues, Bean the Dynamite, Void, and even Emerl as well.


She first appeared during "The Syndicate", as a member of the titular criminal group. She was only interested in the group for profits, and she meant it, unlike in SEGA, Archie, and X. She then tormented Knuckles with the King of Ghosts. It was later revealed she is a spy for the Drakon House of Knowledge, and continues to elude capture from the Household Keepers. Much like Shadow the Hedgehog, she is the only Rouge ever made to have no redeeming traits of any kind, and is portrayed as truly villainous.


  • She is similar to Tarantulas from Beast Wars and Gigan from Godzilla. All are members of a criminal group who turn out to be affiliated to another, alien villain group (The Drakon Empire and the Predacon Secret Police), both Rouge and Tarantulas have black as their main color, and all are sadistic.