Rouge is a recurring villain from the Megami Paradise.


18-year-old. Black hair short bob features. Like master of sword and Juliana. Belief is violently, I boast a high-handed sexy nice buddy. But, somewhere blur though, mistakes often. Clunker. Japanese rash. April 1 born of B type.


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How the No Horahora!Mega para will do prowess of one of the sword! ?

Goddess of darkness reconnaissance mission is sneaked in charge of such. The smile is cold, it is like ice. Heart eyes makes freezing also of the viewer is, I wonder looking at what the heck. And, I wonder what you are ripe.

Just darkness of the goddess to say Sword Master and even. Also in the fight by the sword and called Juliana arm of Paradise one, almost neck and neck. Her mind to challenge the battlefield with a sword, burning hot. The ...... in order to knock down the enemy

Turbo Graphics 16 (CD)

Although the pretend of the student council president at St. Goddess high school, it would be frustrating to transfer student named Lin Lin, and boarded the Shugen Z, even challenge the game, and cry to lose twice.


Given the mission of the polygon into Yamimama, it is based in Nishimachi of Paradise.