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Rotten Tomato is a guest villain from an episode of the Bubble Guppies.  He only appeared in the outside story of Super Waiter (played by Gil) and Bus Boy (played by Nonny).  He turned Gil and Molly in to giant pickles with his veggies ray (a mind themed ray), he later uses it again to mix the vegetables to confuse Nonny (when the correct order of Mixed Vegetables are corn, peas, and carrots), but tries it again to turn Nonny into a pickle too, but when Nonny used the tray to reflect the tray, Tomato turns Molly back to normal, and is later imprisoned in a Ketchup bottle.


  • In the end of the outside story, Rotten Tomato vowed revenge on Bus Boy (Nonny) when he escapes from the ketchup bottle, if he did what Nonny said and "Ketchup"; despite his promise to return, he never showed up.