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You can do anything you want to me, because I love you this much, you see? I wanna keep you completely riveted and I wanna have a collection of you.
~ Rotten Girl

The Rotten Girl is the protagonist of the Vocaloid song Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance by Hatsune Miku.


The song tells the story of a weird girl (Miku) who is in love with her neighbor (Kaito). He is, however, more than a boy she likes - he is the meaning of her life. The girl secretly spies on him all the time and her room is full of love letters, his photos and dolls which look like him. But although she wishes to be his lover, she never bother to tell him that.

One day, she sees another girl (Luka) in her neighbor's flat. Realizing he has found a girlfriend, the girl gets extremely jealous on her and starts burning photos of her. However, it is not enough and the girl eventually decides to kill her rival with an ax. After that, she packs her victim's head and torso and sends them to her neighbor. To show him her never-ending love, she also begins to send him dead bodies of kitties, as he is the cats lover.

The girl then wishes to kill her "boyfriend", so she could put his body into a cardboard box and thus their love would be eternal. She eventually kills him with a nail, but the way depends on the interpret. In some versions, the girl simply enters his flat as soon as he discovers her obsession and she kill him. In another one, the neighbor seeks revenge on the girl for killing his girlfriend. He brings a bunch of flowers to her, pretending to fall in love with her. While she is not looking, he tries to kill her, but the girl is faster and manages to stab him with a nail.


【Miku Hatsune】Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance PV - English Subtitles

【Miku Hatsune】Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance PV - English Subtitles


  • The song is based on an urban legend about a mysterious murder case in Tokyo, Japan.