Rotor is a criminal and a villain from the Hero Factory series.


Rotor began his life of crime on his homeworld and left to become a criminal. In response, his homeworld gave him the death penalty for treason if caught and returned there. Rotor often assisted underworld criminal Xplode in his crimes, but wer often hindered by the Heroes of Hero Factory who defended the galaxy from villains. Years later, they came across the formr hero Von Ness, who renamed himself as Von Nebula and recruited them to destroy Hero Factory. Later, Rotor and Xplode flew to Merak 9 to steal C-4000 explosives, but Heroes Stormer, Stringer, and Bulk arrived on the planet to defeat them. When they refused to stand down, Xplode hopped on a speedr bike and made his escape, leaving Rotor to fight the Heroes on his own. After a while, rookie Furno rushed out in a bold attempt to stop Rotor, but Rotor survived and was able to escape Merak with Xplode. Rotor and Xplode later Traveled to Lemus and raided an explosives plant, but were hindered by Stormer, Furno, Surge, and Breez. Xplode was able to defeat Stormr, but Rotor engaged in a fight with Furno. Furno gained the upper hand on a speeder bike and eventually wrestled Rotor. Furno eventually was able to defeat Rotor and capture him, but Xplode managed to escape a second time. When Stormer regained consciousness, Furno revealed the captured Rotor and they took him back to Makuhero City in the center of the galaxy where he was incarcerated.