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Rotgut is a Marvel Comics supervillain. As a child the Rotgut's mother scared Rotgut against going out in the sun because its rays would kill him. She also scared him from eating candy because they rot your teeth and the cavities would be filled with metal and act as a slow poison.

As a grown man Rotgut became a slasher. Rotgut lived with his mother. He tormented a pregnant woman. Matt Murdoch encountered Rotgut when he flipped out in a restaurant. Rotgut fled when Matt tried to calm him down, and then he hired and slew a prostitute, to stop her from spreading her disease.

Rotgut's mother who was worried about gas leaking in her apartment even though landlord didn't believe her. Daredevil forced the landlord to look into the gas because he was looking into the building because he got a hint that Rotgut lived there. Luckily Daredevil who came to help when he learned what she was doing saved her. The Fat Boys learned about what Rotgut did and proceed to tell all the tenants that the water was poisoned. Daredevil fought Rotgut but Rotgut kept on saying they were the same trying to cut out the disease before it kills the organism. While the two were fighting Rotguts mother drank the poisoned water and when she found out her son poisoned she called him a bad cell. Realizing that he was cancer Rotgut tried to kill himself but Daredevil stopped him and gave him to the authorities.