Rose Robber

Rose Robber is an antagonist in The Wiggles Movie. He is played by Paul Paddick who played Captain Feathersword. He is defeated when he tripped over Dorothy's tail and got arrested by Officer Beaples.

The Wiggles Movie

Rose Robber was first seen when he was robbing the roses and Office Beaples was screaming and saying stop and Rose Robber tripped over Dorothy the Dinosaur's tail and was defeated by Officer Beaples sending him to jail. After Rose Robber was defeated, he was never seen again the rest of the movie.


  • Officer Beaples was able to arrest the robber when he tripped over Dorothy's tail.
  • Rose Robber is very similar to Munchworm. They are both The Wiggles villains who both played by the same actor and they were both defeated.