I only spy on Charlie, you just get in the way sometimes.
~ Rose lying to Alan about spying on him frequently
Hello everyone. I loved Charlie deeply. Even after coming home and finding him in the shower with another woman. But I forgave Charlie. So. You can imagine his shock. When the very next day. He tripped and fell into an oncoming train.. I want you to know, Charlie didn't suffer. His body just, exploded like a balloon full of meat. Thank you
~ Rose at Charlie's funeral

Rose is an on and off antagonist, and sometimes anti-heroine on the hit comedy show Two and a Half Men. She was one of Charlie's one night stands until she fell in love with him and became her lover/stalker/(somewhat)friend.


Rose is a character from the TV show called Two And A Half Men. She was Charlie Harper's girlfriend at a time and later became his stalker. When Charlie died, she later on became the stalker of Alan. You would always find out she was spying when people question her knowing things about Alan's girlfriends and such. She then lies about how she got the information later.

Her most villainous role so far is at Charlie's funeral. Were she reveals she found Charlie cheating on her when they finally became a couple. And she claims that Charlie "fell" onto an oncoming train.