Roscuro is the secondary protagonist/antagonist in The Tale of Despereaux.

He is voiced by Dustin Hoffman, who also portrayed Captain James Hook.


At first all he wants is to make up for the demise of Princess Pea mother which he was unintentionally responsible, as the late queen was afraid of rats and his appearance gave her a heart attack. When he tries to apologize for his mistake, Princess Pea start screaming when she recognizes him and tries to kill him, then when he escapes Princess Pea cries out for guards and they case him. Hurt by the Princess's actions he turns bad and plots to kill her. He meets a servant girl, Sow how also has beef against the Princess and tempts her into betraying an capturing her. When Princess Pea is about to be offered he has a change of heart and help saves her. In the end the two make up and Roscuro goes abroad.