Now you wouldn't me to have to call any of those numbers, would you?
~ Rosalyn to Calvin
CALVIN! Open this door, or your parents will never find your remains!
~ Rosalyn threatens Calvin
Yeah, I'm over at the little monster's house again.
~ Rosalyn about Calvin
Calvin, do you know what a "rat tail" is? It's when you soak a towel and twist it up into a whip. It stings like crazy and is much worse than being cold. Get my drift?
~ Rosalyn forces Calvin to go the pool

Rosalyn, also known as Roz , is a recurring antagonist in "Calvin and Hobbes". She is Calvin's baby-sitter, who tries baby-sitting Calvin for money in order to pay for college. When she is around, she threatens Calvin's death when he misbehaves (e.g., when Calvin takes her science notes and locks the bathroom door, she threatens that his parents will never find his remains). She is not intentionally a villain. She just doesn't want Calvin to be a handful, and she also intends to be able to save up for college.

"Rosalyn vs. Calvin" momentsEdit

Calvin hates and calls her a "sadistic kid hater." He usually doesn't listen to her and when he is sent to bed early, he swears revenge on her. He once takes science notes, which she needs to study for a test the next day, locks himself and Hobbes in the bathroom and threatens to flush them down the toilet if she doesn't give into his demands. He usually doesn't mean to do that, but it scares Rosalyn totally and she eventually pretends to go away, so when Calvin opens the door to check, she simply jumps at him.

Another time, Calvin locks Rosalyn out of the house so he and Hobbes can watch TV and eat cookies. While she tries to get inside, he even asks her to borrow some horror movies Hobbes and he want to watch. Later, her boyfriend Charlie rings her and Calvin picks up the phone, defaming Rosalyn to him.

In opposite of the previous villainous acts, Calvin usually refuses to sleep only, screams loudly, play musical instruments or is still awake when his parents return home. He once tries to run away from home and after being caught, he calls police to save "two hostages being held here." He also wears his Stupendous Man's costume to stop the evil Baby Sitter Girl. He attacks her, but is defeated by her "psycho-beam." He then runs out of the house and then let Rosalyn to look for him outside for an hour while he sneaks back inside. When it is raining and cold outside, he doesn't let Rosalyn in when she rings and later complains about the dinner she cooked for him.

Rosalyn's victoriesEdit

However, Rosalyn also knows how to stop Calvin. She once says that she brought a cattle prod. She also locks Calvin and Hobbes in the garage and leaves them there until she goes home. After one terrible evening, she forces him to write a confession for his parents. One day, Calvin's parents give her a list of emergency numbers to call when it is needed. When Calvin sees them, he stays calm all the evening.

The friendsEdit

Rosalyn and Calvinball

Rosalyn plays Calvinball

One evening, Rosalyn offers Calvin a deal: if he behaves well, they will play a game of his choosing. Happy about this, Calvin chooses Calvinball and then does all of his homework to play it as early as possible. He tries to explain to rules to Rosalyn. At first, she doesn't think it is a good idea, but when she finally understands the game (that it is improvised as the players go along), she loves it and even wins. However, this is probably the only time Calvin and Rosalyn get along well with each other. But as this particular story was published during the final few months of the comic before cartoonist Bill Watterson ended it, it was likely used to bring Calvin and Rosalyn full circle and end the saga of their relationship on a good note.

Other jobsEdit

Rosalyn once teaches children to swim. Unfortunately for her, it is the class Calvin is in. He refuses to go to the pool, but she then tells him about a "rat tail" - a soaked towel that is twisted up into a whip. In the water, Calvin becomes scared to be drowned by her and refuses to learn to swim.


  • It seems Calvin used to have more babysitters in the past, for example one named Amy, but his bad behavior forced them to give up their jobs.
  • Calvin once says "Jawohl, mein Führer!" (Yes, my leader!) to Rosalyn with usual Nazi salute, meaning she is the next Adolf Hitler for him.
  • She has a boyfriend named Charlie and sometimes telephones him while babysitting Calvin. Calvin sometimes breaks in and urges Charlie to stop courting Rosalyn, asserting that Rosalyn is sadistic and insane.
  • After some really bad evenings, Rosalyn asks Calvin's parents for extra money, because she needs it for college.