Rory Buck

Rory Buck

"A snowdad is better then no dad."
~ - Rory Buck

Rory Buck was the main antagonist of the 1998 Christmas film Jack Frost.

He was portrayed by Taylor Handley.

He is the local bully and the enemy of Charlie Frost. He is the 'general' of the seventh graders when in snowball fights.

He has brown hair, and wears various sunglasses that vary in color.


He first appeared at the beginning of the film during an epic snowball fight. He and the seventh graders were initially beating the second-graders in the snowball fight until Charlie Frost, the 'brains' of the army came. Charlie saved a boy named Alexander during the battle. He was embarassed in front of the other kids when Charlie hit him in the face with a snowball.

One year later, he was again seen at the snowball battlefield taunting a girl (the same girl seen at the beginning of the film at the snowball fight) when Charlie showed up.

Charlies dad, Jack Frost, who had died a year ago and now resurrected as a snowman threw a snowball at him. As he could not see Jack, he believed it was Charlie. Jack then threw many snowballs at him until he ran out. An enraged Rory chased after Charlie with the other kids. While the others fell victim to several accidents during the chase, Rory Buck dodged the obsticals. However, he was knocked down a hill by Jack Frost.

He appeared again and helps Charlie get his snowman father to the mountains, not wanting Charlie to lose his father (he had lost his father too).

He later becomes Charlie's friend and plays hockey with him at the end of the film.