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Rookery is the main villain in The Little Vampire. He is the Vampire Hunter.

He was portrayed by Jim Carter.


In letter he grabs Tony and put Tony in his truck. His truck like a robot have a lots of red Lights and his truck so red and all dirty on it. Rookery was top of the grass because to take the dirt out to see inside of the Grass. When tony find a big bed Treasure and the Vampires are dead. He sleeps in his truck outside of the woods. and chasing The Vampire Bat. He have a White Light to The Vampires burned their eyes. When Rudolph the Vampire saved Tony fly away top of Rookery's Big Red Truck.

Tony's Dream

He have a Hayride and a beard getting a stone, but the vampires not let him. In Tony's different dreams, he have a long hair and the beard too. And a lots of henchmen.

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