RookChessmon are minor villains in Digimon Fusion (season 2 and 3).


RookChessmon are Ultimate Level Digimon, that resembles the chess piece known as Rooks. They are very tall and wield guns on their fingers. There are two different versions of RookChessmon, black and white versions.

Digimon Fusion (season 2)

An Army of Black RookChessmon are members of the Bagra Army. They, along with a small army of Black KnightChessmon, and BishopChessmon, served to protect Bagramon's Castle in the Bagra Pandæmonium. They were all eventually defeated by Shoutmon X7.

Digimon Fusion (season 3)

RookChessmon digivolved from a black KnightChessmon from the negative greed energy that the boys have for rare cards. RookChessmon was too strong, even for Arresterdramon couldn't defeat him. Tagiru summoned Blossomon to seize RookChessmon's feet, and Taiki summoned Starmons to weaken his defense. RookChessmon was then defeated by the combined efforts of Gumdramon, Shoutmon, and Damemon, then captured by Yu.


  • RookChessmon can Digivolve into QueenChessmon