Leaders are judged in time by the quality of their enemies. History teaches us this.
~ Roodaka, to Sidorak

Roodaka is an antagonist who appeared in the BIONICLE series. She was also the main antagonist in the 2005 storyline and the supporting antagonist in the rest of the storyline. She was a cunning and manipulative Vortixx, who once served as the viceroy of the Visorak Horde alongside Sidorak, who was the king of the horde as the two of them also served as the servants of the Brotherhood of Makuta until she eventually betrayed the organization to the Dark Hunters, thus causing her to be hunted down by the two factions.

She was voiced by Kathleen Barr in the animated series.


Early Life

Not much was known of Roodaka's past but she actually hailed from the island of Xia, which was populated the Vortixx species.

Comic The Mountain

Roodaka climbs the Mountain alongside the male Vortixx.

During a rite of passage, Roodaka and her male Vortixx partner began to climb the Mountain. They were midway up when her companion got caught in a rock. He cried out for help but Roodaka using her opportunity, abandoned him to use her advantage to climb to the top. Soon after the climb, Xia custom rewarded her for being the only one to survive, and she obtained a high position in society.


Roodaka was often portrayed as seductive and flirtatious, but undoubtedly very manipulative and treacherous, as she once lived on Xia where treachery is required to survive. She couldn't care less for all other beings; the only being she admired was Teridax. She hated Sidorak, and only wanted to be with him to become a more powerful villain; in turn, Sidorak didn't care for Roodaka much either. She was very strategic and perspicacious, and easily revealed Sidorak's easy manipulation, and used it to her advantage to become the tyrannical queen of the Visorak. During the Brotherhood of Makuta/Dark Hunter War, she played the two organizations as if they were pawns in her game, using both to further her own game and double-crossing to form or break alliances.




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