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Full Name
Bambi's rival
Powers / Skills
Bullying Bambi.
Tease Bambi and make Faline his mate.
Type of Villain

Name's Ronno. And these are the boys: Stab and Jab!
~ Young Ronno

Ronno is the son of an unnamed doe, the secondary antagonist of the animated 1942 Disney movie Bambi and the main antagonist of the 2006 midquel film Bambi II. He is Bambi's arch-rival.



Bambi II

Young Ronno

Young Ronno

He appears in Bambi II, revealing that Bambi and Faline have actually known him since they were fawns. He has a much larger role this time around and is often seen trying to antagonize and put down Bambi. Near the end, however, when some of man's dogs are out and about, Ronno runs away from danger, revealing how much of a coward he really is.

At the film's climax, when he tries to walk in and pick on a now-teenage Bambi, Ronno gets bitten on the nose by a turtle and runs away in fear, crying for his mother. In response, Flower tells the others that he told them turtles were scary.


In the book and the first film, he first appears during one spring day, and fights Bambi for Faline. Bambi wins when he pushes him off a cliff into a brook. He was never seen from again. It is unknown what happen to Ronno since he was never seen in the end and it is unknown if he survived the forest fire.


Ronno is shown to be an overconfident, arrogant jerk, who is usually seen bullying Bambi, and trying to steal Faline from him like Bluto trying to steal Olive Oyl from Popeye or Victor Quartermaine trying to steal Lady Tottington from Wallace. He also a jerk to his mother by berating her for bothering when he's trying to make new friends, but runs to her when in danger (e.g. Man's dogs and being bitten on the nose by a turtle). Ronno also had no redeeming qualities at all.


Ronno has dark brown fur and a hole in his right ear. As a fawn, he has budding antlers and green eyes whilst as a young adult, he has brown eyes and three points on his antlers.

Judging by his appearance, Ronno is at least a few months older than Bambi since as fawns, he has budding antlers and no spots on his fur whilst Bambi had no antlers and still had spots. As a young adult, Ronno has three points on his antlers whilst Bambi has two.



  • Ronno is similar to Arrow as both are deer and both started their rivalry with the main character at childhood (Ronno with Bambi and Arrow with Rudolph). They are also in love with the main female character (Ronno with Faline and Arrow with Zoey) and want them to be with them instead of the main character but both fail (Ronno lost to Bambi in a fight over Faline, whilst Zoey breaks up with Arrow after he cheats in The Reindeer Games and because of his attitude towards Rudolph). The only difference between them is that Arrow now seems to be on good terms with Rudolph whilst it appears that Ronno hasn't changed things with Bambi.
  • In the first Bambi flim he did not speak.

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