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Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond, known as Deathstorm, is a meta-human from Earth-2 and the husband of Killer Frost. Opposed to his Earth-1 counterpart Raymond is evil and works for Zoom.

He is portrayed by Robbie Amell.



After the he particle accelerator explosion, Ronnie was exposed to the effects and merged with Martin Stein. Unlike his Earth One counterpart who was willing to risk his life to protect others, Ronnie became a criminal serving under Zoom and the Earth 2 counterpart of Cisco Ramon. Ronnie trapped Stein in his body to the point where Ronnie could never hear his voice again. Ronnie was even married to Caitlin Snow, who gained ice powers and became dubbed as Killer Frost.

Hunting down the Flash

While his girlfriend Killer Frost kills some thugs who attacked a bank at Central City without Zoom's permission, Deathstorm appears and blasts away the last gangster. He then informs Killer Frost that breachers have entered their world. Killer Frost claims that her favourite activity is killing people from other earths and the two set out to kill.

They hunt down Barry, who has taken the identity of his Earth-2 counterpart, to a café. They demand to know who of the guests is the breacher from Earth-1. Nobody gives himself up and Iris, the wife of Earth-2 Barry, draws her gun to arrest Killer Frost and Deathstorm. After Killer Frost attacks Iris and Barry, Iris' father Joe tries to help them and is blasted away by Deathstorm. Barry then uses his speed to grab Killer Frost and Deathstorm and brings them into a park in Central City. They continue their fight and Barry cleverly reflects Deathstorms fireblast onto Killer Frost. Deathstorm grabs her and flies off with her, claiming that their battle isn't over.


Deathstorm fights Flash

After the police department has been tipped off about Killer Frost's and Deathstorm's hideout, Iris, her partner Lawton and Cisco head there only to be disarmed by Killer Frost. Reverb then appears, revealing himself as the employer of Killer Frost and Deathstorm as well as Cisco's Earth-2 doppelganger. Reverb offers Vibe to reign Central City by use of their powers but Vibe turns down Reverb's offer. The Flash arrives and knocks down Reverb. Iris then takes her gun and shoots Killer Frost in the shoulder, causing Deathstorm to viciously attack his opponents. While Barry evades him, he is shot in the back by Reverb. Reverb and Deathstorm then both attack the weakened Barry, who is merely able to dodge their blows. Killer Frost urges both men to stop, as Zoom has ordered them to keep every speedster they encounter unharmed. The same moment, Zoom appears behind Deathstorm and kills him for disobeying him. Killing Reverb as well, Zoom then turns to Killer Frost, claiming that he's glad at least one of his henchmen knows where his loyalties lie. Zoom then leaves with Barry, leaving Deathstorm's and Reverb's corpses behind.


  • Nuclear physiology
  • Psychic link
  • Nucleokinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Flight


  • Quantum splicer


  • Joseph West (Earth 2)
  • Martin Stein (Earth-2) (Indirectly Caused) 
  • Unnamed bank robber
  • Numerous unnamed civilians


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