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The Notorious Villainous Rat Ever.

Ronnette is a main villain in Tales of the Tooth Fairies - The Stolen Present. He's about to get a cheese when he hears Giesel, the girl mouse. He loves to steal Giesel & Martin's present especially if there's somebody else's. The other rats are happy to see Ronnette who's brought the cheese to them. Ronnette and The other rats have evil laughs. Then one of the other rats eats the cheese, but Ronnette is so angry that one of the other rats has swollowed the cheese. Then he spits the cheese out and The rats start to fight. Then Martin blows the whistle. But Ronnette does not like this noise. Then, Along came Giesel & Martin's friend, Arther. Ronnette & The other rats run for thier lives.

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