Impressive. I'm so impressed that you figured out I was the one who killed her. Actually, it's not too late. Would you like to take the place of Claves? You could work with us.
~ Rondo offering Falsetto to be in Clave's place.

Rondo is a major antagonist that appears in the video game, "Eternal Sonata". She is a cold-hearted assassin and one of Count Waltz's agents. She was voiced by Yu Asakawa in Japanese and English dubbed by Nicole Karrer.

Rondo had pale white skin, purple hair, and purple eyes. However, in the Mysterious Unison, she had tan skin, white hair, and blue or green eyes.

Biography Edit

Rondo discovers that Claves failed to frame Flasetto as a spy and thus, fatally killing Claves. She did it, because she was ordered by Count Waltz to kill her if her identity as a spy was revealed (strangely, Claves never SAID that she was a spy).

Rondo was then ordered to keep Fugue under survelience while he went searching for the glowing agogo's. After she discovered the real and only reason they glew, Rondo informs Count Waltz about it.

In Aria Temple, she was ordered to assassinate Jazz and everyone else. However, Falsetto steps in to avenge Claves' death. Impressed that Falsetto figured it out, Rondo asked her if she was interested in being a spy for Forte. Rondo stated that Jazz and the others would die and that nobody would know about it. After hearing Falsetto's refusal, Rondo then starts to fight everyone. Then, she (pretty much) died offscreen.

However in the Mysterious Unison, she can be fought as an optional boss. It was shown that Rondo ended up being trapped in there. She tells Claves that she had one of her Soul Shards. Claves told Rondo off that she was going to settle things with her. Rondo started to fight everyone and then her own soul died for real.