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Ronald is the main antagonist of the movie Labou.

He was portrayed by ???.

He and his son Reggie convinced the mayor to build a petrol factory in the bayou. He wants his son to follow his path when he dies. He's also a greedy man who search to destroy all of the reserve where the labous are. He do not want to fail front of anybody and will have his petrol factory to be be build. When he sees Clayton, he believes he was the of ghost "Bayou Bob"; however, when he discovers he was not a ghost, he tries to stop him, but Gavin makes him fall in the mud.

He tells his workers to find the stolen GPS and promises a lot of money. But he tells his son to find the GPS and tells him that it's him who will paying the man who gave him back and make him his new son. He sees the workers run away because of the ghost, and his son gives him the place where they found the petrol. He sees the ghost, but his son convinces him to find Labou. They chase the gang and Labou when they turn he falls into a lake with an alligator and Labou came to their rescue.

Back in the mayor's office he tells mayor he will give him his money for the construction. He also said that it was he who found the treasure and told him that the kids and Clayton stole it from him, but his son turns against him and tells he do not stop lying and  his son wanted Clayton to keep the place that make him angry. After the ghost of Bayou Bob confirmed the treasure was to the kids and Clayton. Ronald runs to the bulldozer for stealing the treasure in front of everyone, but that forces the police officers to run after him and put him in jail.