Is it too much to hope you at least have some sort of a plan?
~ Ron Davis

Ron Davis was a Senator in the United States. He approved of WilPharma's human test subjects to find the vaccine for the t-Virus.


At Harvardville Airport, his presence was informed by the media which resulted in a protest outside the airport terminal. He, his bodyguards, a police officer, and his lawyer tried to slip out through the regular exit. During his try, a protester dressed as a Zombie tried to punish Davis with fear, but was revealed. Shortly after that, an actual zombie approached the group and attacked the police officer, killing him quickly, as several more attacked and killed both of his bodyguards and several people in the air port

While everyone was at a panic, he was abandoned by his Secretary, so he pleaded Claire Redfield to help him due to a back problem.

Rescue and escape

Ron, Claire, Rani Chawla, and a waitress headed to the VIP lounge in search of refuge. Two S.R.T. members; Angela Miller and Greg Glenn, along with government agent Leon S. Kennedy, came to their rescue after they rescued Davis' secretary. While the group was moving through the terminal, Davis' separated from the group and ran ahead on his own, but knocked Rani down, and endangered her to zombies, forcing Claire to go down and save the child. Ron Davis was the first out. As the marines then began to purge the terminal of all infected, Rani was reunited with her aunt. Davis insensitively told a nearby soldier how much he disliked kids. Hearing this, Claire walked up to him and slapped him, reminding that Rani is likely have nightmares for the rest of her life because of him.


After the news about WilPharma being bought out by an organization called TriCell, Ron was murdered, and the data of WilPharma on his laptop was erased, as it was data against Umbrella.

These two events were caused by an undisclosed party, but evidence from the fifth game suggests the mastermind behind it was Albert Wesker, having already joined forces with Excella Gionne, the then-current head of TriCell, and deciding Davis was a liability in their plans.