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Ron with his Ferret

Ron is a local of Mortlake.

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Kate first notices him inside an old abandoned train during a community service scheme, although he quickly runs off. She walks to where he was sitting and notices he was looking at weird nude photos of women with animal heads. Ron’s ferret suddenly appears out of nowhere, scaring Kate away.

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Ron later appears when Gris, Greg and Rats are feeding Jeff’s remains to pigs. He greets Gris and asks if he could come to the show that they are organizing - with the outsiders as their victims. Gris says he will ask Jim, but there will be no promises. Later on, he greets Wilf and asks if he can go to the show but Wilf denies his request, saying that Jim doesn’t take to his ferret after a previous incident. When Kate, Tim and Sam escape, Ron notices and goes after them. When the outsiders have run over Gris, Ron stops them and comments that he ‘doesn’t normally do young ‘uns’ but suddenly Kate fires a rifle, hitting Ron in the head, killing him instantly.

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