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Captain Slag

Captain Slag also known as Romulus Slag is a secondary antagonist in Ratchet & Clank:Tools of Destruction and later the co-antagonist of Quest for Booty.

He was created by Percival Tachyon alongside Rusty Pete but was betrayed and now captain of the robotic space pirates.he met Ratchet and Clank & Began to part with them and after a last battle,Slag was reducced to a head.In Quest for Booty Pete revives Slag and place him on a stick.Then He was revived by placing into Darkwater's body.After trying to share the body with Darkwater,Slag became a head again and orders pete to get him a new Crack in time Slag and Pete appeared in Qwark's film My blaster runs hot.Then they have their own Radio Station,with a school on how to be pirates and later was presumed to be along side Pete to open a burger restruarant before it was destroyed by a Z'grute in All 4 one.

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