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The Romanian Anaconda is the main antagonist of the 2009 film Anacondas: Trail of Blood. He is the offspring of Murdoch Anacondas.


He is the last surviving offsprings of Murdoch Anacondas who was captured by Murdoch's men. A scientist uses him to make experiments with the blood orchids from Borneo and manages to create a serum for cell regeneration. He tests it on the snake, which successfully allowed him to regenerate any part of his body, making him practically immortal. However, the anaconda breaks out from his cage and devours the scientist before leaving.

Knowing that the serum works, J.D. Murdoch, who suffers from cancer, sends mercenaries to find it. Most of them are killed by the anaconda but Murdoch eventually manages to find the serum and injects himself, however the snake eats him soon after. Finally, the anaconda is blew up by grenades and seemingly killed, but he is then revealed to have regenerated.

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