Roman and Riker are the secondary antagonists of season 1 of Lab Rats: Elite Force. They are a duo of brothers who seek to exterminate all superheroes after their father Rodissiius was forced to give up his super powers to save his life. There first phase of exacting revenge was to blow up the Mighty Med hospital killing a good number of superheroes in the process.

Lab Rats: Elite Force

They make their debut in the spin-off Lab Rats and Mighty Med crossover series "Elite Force" series in the first episode, The Rise of Five. They warn Oliver, Kaz and Skylar that they are on the hunt to destroy all superheroes and will annihilate anyone foolish enough to get in their way. They later find Kaz, Oliver, Skylar, Adam and Bree and shape shift into a deadly cloud to attack them, while attacking they kidnap Skylar and lock her up threatening her by saying that she's going to tell them exactly where the rest of the superheroes are. The team manages to free Skylar after this the brothers shapeshift into a ring of force around them to crush them. However, Oliver manages to use his ice powers to stop the sworm, having defeated the brothers the new team takes a victory selfie and heads back to the headquarters where they decide to contact all the remaining superheroes to let them know their being hunted. At the end of the episode, Roman and Riker were revealed to had escaped and had been listening to the team's entire discussion.