This world's a circus. Everything's meaningless enjoyment.
~ Roma Hoito.
I'm a spectator. The kind that jeers from the stands. A watcher on high. I ruin fights I don't enjoy.
~ Roma Hoito.
Roma Hoito (帆糸 ロマ, Hoito Roma) is a character and a secret antagonist from Tokyo Ghoul. She first appears as a simple Waitress at Anteiku but is only doing it to go undercover as she is secretly a member and original founder of the Clowns.

She was voiced by Tia Ballard.


Early life

Not much is known about her life other than that at one point in time, she had gotten captured by the C.C.G. and was able to escape somehow. She had also joined up witht he Clowns and became a member of the organization. In one paper with a list of ghouls from a detention center, she appears on the list.


She first appears in both the manga and the anime as a waitress at the restaurant and secret ghoul organization known as Anteiku as a new employee. She joins after hearing of Kaneki's carnage in the 7th Ward and joins Anteiku as an undercover agent like many clowns have done before. She befriends Hinami and in the anime, she gets very interested in Kaneki and wants to know more about him. Her affiliation with the clowns is revealed after Anteiku is destroyed in a CCG raid on the restaraunt. 

Nutcracker Invesitgation

Roma is seen alongside Nico during the events of Tokyo Ghoul:re. She and Nico are on top of a roof of a building where they notive nearby that Kaneki has lost all of his memories and now goes under the name of Haise Sasaki investigating a murder report by the infamous ghoul unknown as Nutcracker. She notices Kaneki and wishes to "kill" his Haise identity and hae him regain his memories as he adores the twisted version of Kaneki the most. Nico cirticizes her intentions and claims that she'll have fun at the upcoming auction.


During the events of the Auction, Roma along with Uta and Ganbo are hired as security guards for the evening. She and Uta provide the opening entertainment for the opening act and soon Uta begins the Auction by Auctioning off various different humans to the ghouls. Roma makes mock commentary and insults and makes fun of the victims. Roma however is shocked when Juuzou Suzuya shows up and appears on stage and begins lashing out and killing every single ghoul nearby. This then causes her to run and flee off stage as CCG Soldiers and Ghoul Investigators start pouring in and start to open fire on the audience. Roma then runs into a squad led by Take Hirako and Nobu Shimoguchi and is immediately attacked by Shunichi Shibashi. Shibashi slashes at her and nearly cuts her in half and it causes her to cry out for help only to have him lean in closer so she can bite him and kill him. She then flees away and hides behind Uta until she engages two more invesitgators and invites one to fight her.


Roma appears as a tall, slim, beautiful young woman with short hair and a small clip on the left side of her bangs. She has Sienna Red eyes and her hair is the exact same color in the anime. As a waitress, she wore a standard issue Anteiku waitress uniform and her eyebrows are catsed down when apologizing. In her clown gear, she wears a cartoon-style rabbit mask clown themed decorations all around it and a star on the left eye. It covers half of her face.


Roma has two sides to her personality as a member of the clowns.

When working at Anteiku and possibly in other places, she appears as a clumsy, absent-minded woman who's always breaking dishes. This is always causing Nishiki to get mad and scold her. However, her real personality is revealed to be much more cruel. She loves tragedies and is very sadistic and uncaring. She's attracted to and obsessed with Kaneki's current status and wants him to regain his memories so she can love and adore the ghoulified Kaneki that she finds so attractive. She appears ticklish as she is seen laughing when a fellow clown member tickles her at the auction.

Powers & Abilities

  • Rinkaku Kagune: Roma's kagune is very strong with several bone-like objects tied together. She is able to create eight of them and can use them against powerful enemies.