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A distinguished veteran of the Clone Wars, Rom Mohc served in the Galactic Republic army and later for the Galactic Empire. Rom Moch was one of the few generals that opposed the construction of the Death Star, because he felt that enemies should be engaged in personal combat, something he was obsessed with. With a love for cybernetics, he developed a deadly Imperial weapon: a new type of Stormtrooper called the Dark Trooper.

Emperor Palpatine approved Rom Mohc's request to demonstrate his new weapon on Talay, a city that contained a Rebel base. The staff of the Rebel base and many innocent people were killed with impunity. Darth Vader was impressed with the project and agreed to support Mohc in his endeavor.

He commissioned Moff Rebus of Anoat with developing more effective weapons. Rebus was a paranoid, eccentric engineer.

However, Mohc's ambitions were being thwarted by a rogue Imperial agent turned Rebel mercenary, Kyle Katarn. Ever since he found the Dark Trooper Weapon with Moff Rebus' initals on it. Rebus was captured by Katarn and the ore mining and weapons manufacturing facilities were systematically destroyed.

With Darth Vader growing impatient with the Dark Trooper project and its failure, Rom Mohc decided to personally terminate Kyle Katarn as he was aboard the Arc Hammer, Mohc's freighter that served as fabrication and dissemination facility for the Dark Trooper.

Moch was personally impressed with Kyle Katarn's versatility and considered him a worthy adversary. He faced Kyle Katarn in his distribution center, where he revealed his Phase III Dark Trooper Exosuit. Katarn defeated him, and destroyed the Arc Hammer.

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