Klink is a demon

Rolf Klink before he turns into a demon for a few seconds in court.

Rolf Klink is the head of Klink international and main antagonist in the Zap Dramatic Ambition series.

He is seen as this plump European middle-aged balding man with a mustache along with hair growing on the left side of his forehead and cheek. He has a typical rich stereotype personality and tends to say very strange metaphors.

It is hinted through out the games that Rolf may have had something to do with the murder of Angie Raleigh, and he did. He was the mastermind behind the whole thing. Wanting Angie's arguments about the drug Paxwic silenced, Rolf sent Duke Crabtree to kill her and sent his girlfriend Bridget Hartrup to drug her ex-husband Ted to make it seem that he was the killer. 

In Negotiator

Rolf Klink also appears in another Zap Dramatic called The Raise where the player is trying to get a raise from him. You can't get the raise, but he will pay you to write him a speech for his wedding anniversary. Depending on what choices you make, he will gradually demote you or fire you. Also, since the player is a little loopy, the mouse on Rolf's desk will start talking to you, giving you bad advice. The mouse will say that there is a woman taking off her clothes behind you. Turning around and looking at this woman will cause Rolf to become upset and demand that you look at him. If you fail to do so, he will have Jim, the only cop in Canada, take you away.


  • Rolf Klink's mouse appears in the Zap Dramatic game Sir Basil Pike Public School where it will give you advice in bullying situations.
  • Rolf sounds a bit like James from Pokémon.