Rolf's eyes fool the brain of Rolf!
~ Rolf in "Cry Ed"
Scourge of the sea! Release Rolf!
~ Rolf in "Scrambled Ed"
May the fleas from your cow inflame your rhubarb!
~ Rolf to the Eds in "Home Cooked Eds"

Rolf is an immigrant from a curious and possibly fictional (probably European) culture labeled "The Old Country", and a character in Ed Edd n Eddy. The European country he comes from is probably either a Scandinavian country, Germany, or the Netherlands because of his name and also because those countries do a lot of farming.

As he comes from a another land, he has a misunderstanding of the other characters' culture, and they have misunderstanding of his, and he is easily offended by the Eds and goes to frighteningly extreme lengths for closure. In Dueling Eds, Eddy unintentionally insults him by throwing a sea cucumber ball in the fence emotionally hurting him. Then Edd makes Eddy gives Rolf a plant as a token of apolagy, but Rolf thinks of it as another insult, as the , "Potted Shrub of Ridicule" and challenges Eddy to a duel, during wich Eddy trys to apologizing again, Rolf ask if this is true has he brought the "Cupcakes of Sorriness?" Eddy says no an Rolf proseeds to hiting him with a fish until Eddy falls of the trunk

In "No Speak Da Ed", Ed's pen pal's gifts makes Rolf think Ed is joining the Wolf (Rolfs enemy.) Rolf captures the trio, ties Eddy and Edd up and tortures Ed by dunking his head into a bucket of grease, but to no avail, "The Ed-Boy's fortitude is to be ADMIRED!" Until Jonny gave Double D a feather duster from Gerta the Goat Milker from Norway and Rolf realizes it's "the Feather Duster of Tomfoolery!" And in a bid to get the last laugh Rolf mails the Eds to Norway to have them shave the hairs from her back, "And Rolf will triumph with the last laugh!"

In "Will Work for Ed", Rolf hired Ed to work at his farm. He was very harsh towards him, almost like a work horse, but later Edd had an appointment with him and covinced him to be more pleasent.

In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Rolf was seen with chunks of flesh chomped off his torso, arm and the bump on his head. Rolf in a fit of rage tried to exact his revenge on the Eds after their latest scam did a number on the kids and the Lane he tried to pull Ed out of Eddy's Brother's car but Double D and Eddy saved him. Rolf quickly regrouped with the other kids and were about to murder the Eds but thanks to Double D's efforts, the Eds managed to shake them off as they made their escape. Rolf with his pig Wilfred and a boatload of supplies, including the Pitchfork of Retribution and three trophy mounts for each head of the Ed-Boys; traced the crashed car to a remote desert where Rolf tried to gather foreensic evidence of the Eds, but the evidence was devoured by his foolish pig. Rolf followed the Ed's trail to a cattle ranch where he promptly lost Wilfred, tried to find him, got beaten up, and finally got his head hopelessly stuck in a meat grinder, which he futilely tried to pull off until he got rammed by the Kanker Sister's wagon. Rolf along with Nazz and Kevin, albeit tied up by the Kankers, managed to catch up to the Eds who had apparently reached the trailer home of Eddy's Older Brother. With their quest for vengeance seemingly given all for not, Rolf, the Kids (minus Jonny and Plank), and Ed and Double D finally saw Eddy's Brother's true colors. Realizing that Eddy's Brother was nothing more than a sadistic bully who loved to pick on his little brother, only then did Rolf and the others see that Eddy wasn't really a jerk after all, his scams and antics were a cry for help and friendship, and that's all what Eddy wanted and his Brother never gave him that, (albeit Eddy picked up the belittling and manhandling of others from his brother). Rolf was the first one to stand up to Eddy's Brother, and slowly but surely the other kids picked up the pace, and with Ed's help, the kids were finally able to defeat Eddy's Brother. After Eddy said that he lied about his brother and he made stuff up to try to be cool but was wrong all along, wondering when he'll ever learn. Rolf and the Kids charged at the Eds, but after Eddy quickly and honestly apologized, the Kids embraced the Eds and accepted them as their new friends, Rolf gave Eddy the Armpit Rub of Victory. But the celebration was cut short when foolish Jonny and Plank came to exact revenge on the Eds, and briefly succeeded, but then, Sarah, Kevin, then Rolf and Nazz proceeded to pound Jonny to a miserable, broken and battered, tongue-tied pulp. Apologizing for the inconvenience, Kevin suggested they return to his house for a jawbreaker party galore. Rolf was last seen carrying Eddy back to Kevin's house at the Peach Creek Cul-De-Sac while singing the Friendship Song and thus the series came to a close.