Roland Kane

Roland Kane is best-known in the 2008 Turok video game, because he is the Sub-Antagonist of the game, right after Mama Scarface

Roland Kane
, former leader of Wolf Pack, an elite military unit in which Turok was being trained in. Kane has command over the Mendel-Grumman soldiers that patrol across the planet, and is always trying to stop Turok and the others of Whiskey Company. A ruthless killer, Turok gained much of his special-operations knowledge from him. Kane was commissioned by Mendel-Grumman to explore this planet for new places of experimentation and to find new forms of weaponry. It seems that Kane traveled from one base to another during the progress of the game, as video journals can be found in cutscenes at different parts of the planet. In mission "The Shortest Straw", a video of him is seen explaining how the effects of the toxins can be used as a chemical bioweapon. In a later video he plans on containing and shipping the toxins to MG HQ for use as a first strike killing agent that can easily kill thousands.


He died after a knife fight against Turok in the level, An Eye for an Eye. Turok stabbed his knife into Kane's heart, killing him instantly.