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Be prepared and have no regrets.
~ Roland Claiton seconds before activate the S Terminal

Roland Claiton is a minor antagonist in Date A Live franchise. He appears as a minor character in Date A Live Volume 12. Roland is one of the employees of Ratatoskr and one of the 'S' Board of Directors. Due to Clayton is from an organization with children's issues to make clear to the Spirits that Ratatoskr is an good organization, Clayton is presented as a Bulldog Doll.

Psychological Description

It is assumed that Clayton was an opportunist who was ready to betray his own partners and friends for his own gain. Clayton never had plans to leave Shido live, but kill him and get rid of a huge responsibility. After his plans were discovered, and his actions unveiled , Elliot Woodman - the leader and founder of Ratatoskr, said Clayton will suffer his punishment.


Berserk Shido

After Shido have been corrupted by the powers of the Spirits sealed inside him, Clayton saw a great opportunity to kill him to prevent the same disaster that occurred 30 years ago. However, Elliot's goodness did not allow bloodshed there. Clayton, getting impatient, stole the S Terminal key and finally decided to end Shido, even if it meant killing hundreds of innocent along with all Spirits.

The Punishment

After unforgivable betrayal and actions of Clayton, Elliot Woodman was very disappointed with his own organization and decided that he would expel and punish Clayton for treason. It is possible that Clayton was arrested after the Elliot's order.


  • All S officers are presented in the form of an animal. Clayton, for example, is presented as a Bulldog.
  • Clayton is the first villain from Ratatoskr.
  • Clayton is also the first human to betray Elliot Woodman on screen.


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