Rokkers (called Rockers in Mojo Mistake) were the primary enemies in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge. They appeared in every challenge, except for the tutorial level, Feathercrag. Rokkers were made of chunks of dark blue rock, being held together by a small crystal which could be used as Mana. When Rokkers were defeated, these crystals were the only remains. There are a wide variety of Rokkers, in many shapes and sizes, and some of them had special powers. In Mojo Mistake, Rockers appear, and they are virtually the same. They even attack the same.


  • Lava Rokkers-They shot lava out their gun hands. Appear in Ambush Grove in the lava, and shoot lava out their cannon arms, hence the name
  • Sand Rokkers-The spin in a tornado, and attack. They drop sand as they move, hence their name.
  • Kamikaze Rokkers-Small Rokkers with a head two feet, and multiple crystals for a tail. The blow up when touched, hence their name.
  • Spikey Rokkers-Rokkers that have large spikes on their back, They must bbe flipped to reveal their crystals.