(SW#1) - Rok Korr was the first mechanical monster to be created in the modern era by the alien Lord Maur-Konn in order to conquer the world. Orders for Tokyo to be its first action of devastation were intercepted by Raydeen, and the three pilots of the Shogun Warriors. Despite the inexperience of the three young people, the robot of the Followers of the Light was revealed to be too powerful, and at the end of the encounter, Rok-Korr was beheaded. The lava from which it was made completely removed itself from its armour, but on contact with the earth, it reformed itself into a coherent shape, larger than that of Raydeen, and easily defeated him, burying him under lava. Prudently, the super-robot was withdrawn, leaving Rok-Korr free to act.

(SW#2) - Rok-Korr was ordered by Lord Maur-Konn to attack a railway bridge, over which a train loaded with explosives was due to pass, presumably in order to attract Raydeen and to defeat him anew. Instead of just Raydeen, however, two more Shogun Warriors—Combatra and Dangard Ace—arrived also. Angry, Lord Maur-Konn divided Rok-Korr into the three Elementals of Evils.

(SW#3) - After having first carried out an attack against Raydeen, Rok-Korr was engaged against Combatra. The fight caused the train to fall off the tracks, and the pilot of Combatra decided to cover the explosion with the body of his robot. In doing so, because of the impact, Genju Odashu lost consciousness for some time.

(SW#3) - Thanks to the intervention of Dr. Tambura, Genji returned to guide Combatra against Rok-Korr. The battle continued until  two of the Elementals—water and fire—were destroyed by combining one with the other. Rok-Korr then absorbed a part of a mountain and was transformed into a gigantic avalanche, but it fell to pieces and was dispersed by the Power Triangle of the Shogun Warriors. Rok-Korr became a great heap of ash, ironically, fertilizing the battlefield for future plant life.