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(Alpha Flight I#115 (fb, BTS)) - At some point in the past, Rok wrested control of The Children of the Night from Gamma Flight member Nemesis. Nemesis returned with her friend, Wild Child, and ousted the "Fat Slug". However, the feral Wild Child took it upon himself to teach Rok "a lesson," and badly scarred his face and chest. Rok survived, and swore revenge on Wild Child and Nemesis.

(Alpha Flight I#115) - Years later, Rok once again took control of The Children of the Night, turning them into a group of assassins for hire, and captured Nemesis, shackled her in chains, and tortured her, waiting for her "pet," Wild Child to return so that he could exact bloody revenge upon both of them.

(Alpha Flight I#116) - Wild Child, Now Weapon Omega of Alpha Flight, came to see Nemesis, hoping she could shed some light on his mysterious and troubled life. He was immediatly attacked by the Children, and when he tried to reason with the kids, Rok took the opportunity to sneak up behind him and bean him with something. When Kyle awoke he was chained and on his knees before the shackled Nemesis, who informed him that his coming would mean both their deaths. Rok confronted Kyle, but Kyle couldn't remember him, which only aggravated him further. Rok informed Kyle of his past actions (Kyle apologized...for not finishing the job), and Rok began to brutally attack him. Just then, Kane arrived, seeking to protect Kyle from Wyre, and knocked Rok off his feet, as the two struggled, Kyle broke free, and cracked Rok on the head with the concrete weight being used to hold down his chains.

Alpha Flight arrived looking for Kyle, and found the beaten Rok lying in the sewer, gurgling "Wuhhlchlll...kllyu...I" Confirming to the team they were on the right track.

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