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Roidmude 041 is a Low-Class Cobra-Type Roidmude and a member of Reaper Legion.


At some point, Roidmude 041 was modified to be part of Medic's Reaper Legion.

He accompanied Medic when she interrupted Drive Type Tridoron's attack on the Cook Roidmude. He was later used as a test subject for Medic's Super Evolution Experiment. At first when Medic used Cook's golden sauce, Honfleur's Dusk on him, went haywire and burst into flames. He attempted to sacrifice himself to let Cook finish both Drive and himself, but these attempts were blocked by Heart. Heart placed his hand on 041 to stabilize the effects of the sauce on him.

041 was later summoned again by Medic, this time with Roidmude 045 to intercept Kamen Rider Chaser. They had the upper hand Chaser until Drive Type Formula arrived to even the odds. Deadheat Mach also arrived and determined that the Honfleur's Dusk was important to Medic. Deadheat Mach then went into controlled Burst Mode while Drive became Type Tridoron. While Mach and Chaser battled the Reapers, Drive fought both Medic and Cook. Chaser attacked the two Reapers with his Across Breaker while Deadheat Mach finished them off with his Heat Kick Macher.

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