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Roidmude 013 is a Low-Class Cobra-Type Roidmude and one of 108 robots created by Tenjuro Banno. He is later modified to be a member of Reaper Legion, a team of Roidmude enforcers.


013 was among the remaining Roidmudes who witnessed their creator, Tenjuro Banno take command of the Roidmudes after achieving his Gold Drive form with a reluctant Heart and brainwashed Medic serving him. When Brain went on the run, Banno sent spies search for him in order to find a Super Evolved Roidmude to complete the Promised Number. 013 reported to Banno with information of Brain's location and was brutalized by Banno in response. However, he was saved when Heart stepped in between them to defend 013.

013 was later sent alongside Roidmudes 022 and 080 to accompany Medic in hunting Brain. The four Roidmudes attacked Brain, who reassumed his own Super Evolved State in an attempt to defend himself. He soon received help in the form of Kamen Riders Drive (Type Technic), Deadheat Mach, and Chaser. While Medic and Brain fought each other, the three Reapers were destroyed by a combination of the Frostreamer, Zenrin Shooter amplified by Burst Mode, and Shift Max Flare in the Break Gunner. With her back-up gone, Medic retreated.

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