The Soul Hunter

A quaint lie, pretty fantasy. The soul ends with death, unless we act to preserve it.
~ The Soul Hunter, responding to Dellen

The Rogue Soul Hunter was the main antagonist of the Babylon 5 episode "Soul Hunter".

He was portrayed by William Morgan Shepard.


This man was from a race called the Soul Hunters, who made copies of significant peoples' minds as they died, in order to preserve their sould. This memeber, however, felt that waiting for them to die naturally was inneffective, as many significant people died far from their reach. As such, this Soul Hunter decided to kill the lving under very specific conditions, in order to be sure that they would be preserved. He Went around known space, killing significant people while taking their souls. 

in 2258, the Soul Hunter came to Babylon 5, where he sought to take the Soul of teh Minbari ambassador, Delenn. He did this by kinapping her and taking her to an obscure part of the ship, where he slowly let her bleed to death while he copied her brain onto a Soul Disc. John Sheridan, however, was able to find her with the help of another Soul Hunter. He was killed, ironically, by his own Sould discs rebelling against him.