This is terrible, just terrible. An "A-" and a "B". A "B" for God's sake!!
~ Roger barating Craig about his grades.
There are no excuses!! STOP WASTING TIME!!!
~ Roger's famous line.
~ Roger responding to Craig's questioning on why he never showed any love for him.
Roger Toomey was Craig Toomey's father and the secondary human antagonist in the Langoliers movie. In a flashback, it is revealed that Toomey was abused as a child by his overbearing and sadistic father; when Craig failed to make straight A's, his father warned him about the "Langoliers"; creatures that chased down the lazy and devoured them. He is desperate to reach his appointment in Boston so that he wouldn't miss it. Over the coarse of the movie, his father, who has been revealed to also have been caught by the langoliers, kept coming back to him in hallucinations, saying that time was running out and that he needed to get to Boston. When the plane was refueled, Craig hallucinated that the board of directors were on the runway, and, now completely insane, told them that he costed them 40 million dollars. His boss then transformed into his father, and Craig then became aware that the langoliers had arrived, and he ran in terror until they devoured him.