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Roger Simmons is the main antagonist of The Towering Inferno and son-in-law of the Tower's owner James Duncan. Before the grand opening of the Glass Tower, Simmons placed in wiring that he believed was inspected and approved. The architect protagonist Doug Roberts disappointingly paid Simmons a visit to the engineer's home to discuss what happened in the main utility room. The engineer was prepared for the Glass Tower party in the promenade room, but James Duncan ordered a private meeting with him after the party. Suddenly, Simmons' "fluky wiring" causes a massive fire in the tower. With no way out with the stairs cut off by explosions, he decides to resort to drinking. After the women including Roger's wife Patty are safely buoyed to the Peerless building, Simmons tries to get on the breaches buoy but is warned that he has a number by his own father-in-law. The fire begins closing in, and Simmons tries to steal the buoy, even going as far as dropping Senator Gary Parker to his death, but another explosion breaks the buoy loose and Simmons falls to his doom. His death was confirmed by Patty who tried to see him.