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Roger Mortimer is a minor villain in the live action television series "World Without End", being the lover and co-conspirator of Queen Isabella. He is based off of the real-life individual of the same name.


Roger first appears in the series premiere, being the lover and co-conspirator of Queen Isabella. Desiring to be rid of her husband, Isabella has Roger murder the deposed King Edward II in his prison cell, and afterwards settles comfortably into his position as Isabella's right-hand and lover.

However though he successfully murders King Edward II Roger is unable to prevent one of Isabella's former knights, Sir Thomas frome escaping with a parchment that contains evidence of his and Isabella's scheme. Though they eventually reclaim the letter and then attempt to burn it to conceal the truth, Edward III discovers the letter and with it as evidence places Roger under arrest. He then has him hanged on the spot, leaving Isabela devastated. Roger futiley calls out Isabella's name as he dies a slow death by hanging.  Isabella subsequently declares revenge on the town Sir Thomas had fled to, Kingsbridge.