Roger Collins

Roger Collins is one of the Collins Family in Tim Burton's Visionary Movie of Dark Shadows, he is just on of the characters but he wasn't revealed to be bad, the reason about being villainous because of his selfish theiving life, he steals some stuff of his family, he found out Barnabas coming out of the hidden place where big fireplace is like bringing his money to buy.  At night while the ball begin, he went looking into the pockets of all the guests' coats but Barnabas sneaks at the window outside looking at roger stealing.  Next Day, Roger went looking for hidden button of a big fireplace, but Barnabas knows Roger is a thief for a whole time, he threatens Roger and gives him a choice to either remain in collinwood or leave to live his selfish theiving life, so he choose to leave out of the collinwood for good.